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THERESA get to know her
Theresa's real estate experience started years ago with her devotion to her community thru rehabbing homes and putting them back on the market as affordable homes for single parents, young families and those needing a safe, clean, comfortable house that they could proudly call "HOME"  -
I was Blessed with a beautiful, comfortable home that I could raise my children in, and I wanted to make that available to others in my community, said Theresa.  It became a bit of a mission for Theresa, and she did much of the hands-on rehab work herself, and what she wasn't able to do, she contracted out.  Always maintaining a working relationship with those contractors and everyone she came in contact with was important. It's essential to build a trusting bond with those you work with, Theresa said.  And, that continues to be her motto today as she works hard to do her very best while representing her clients. It's important to me, that people see who I really am. Not a fake, not perfect, but genuine- Theresa says as she describes her philosophy in the real estate environment. Theresa takes pride in her chosen profession, and wants others to see that by being a real estate agent, a licensed REALTOR® , you are to uphold yourself to the highest of standards, which Theresa Shoemaker takes very serious. 
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Theresa is Trustworthy

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